New videos

Sonnet has added several new “Tips and Hints” videos to explain new features introduced in Release 13. These videos are available from the Sonnet USA website. [go to video…]

We have added one new tutorial video to demonstrate the RFIC inductor analysis flow with GDSII data. [go to video…]


New application notes

Two new application notes have been added to our support documents:


Defining a stackup for Sonnet RFIC analysis

The purpose of this document is to assist you in defining the dielectric layers and metal definitions for Sonnet, based on the technology cross section provided by the semiconductor foundry. The side effects of thick metal vs. thin metal stackup are discussed.  [read more …]


Understanding Ports for RFIC Analysis

In this document, we will discuss the use of Sonnet ports for RFIC. It will be shown how to use groups of co-calibrated ports, and avoid parasitic coupling between ports. The use of global (box) ground vs. floating (local) ground is explained for RFIC use.  [read more …]