In this application note, AEL programming is applied to create a fully scalable layout of the miniaturized band pass filter by Sheng Zhang et al, published in Microwave Journal March 2017

Miniaturized Bandpass Filter Using Quarter SIW Resonator With Elliptic Defected Structure

This layout cell can then be used in ADS for analysis, parameter sweep or optimization with Momentum.

The ADS 2016 project with all files is available for dowload here.

Basics of creating custom artwork with AEL code are explained in application note “Create customized artwork cells using AEL code”.

Parameterized artwork cell

The layout is created by AEL code and consists of a few simple elements: three triangles, two feedlines and three oval cutouts. In the code, the ovals are drawn as regular metal on top of the triangles, and then processed with the “union minus intersection” command to turn them into cutouts. Finally, two via fences are added.

The code for my_bandpass_artwork is found in AEL_artwork_bpf_wrk\AEL_artwork_lib\bandpass_artwork.ael

Location of the via fences and the aspect ratio of the ovals are not specified in the original paper. In the ADS layout code, we have used an educated guess for the via location, and an additional layout parameter “r aspect ratio” for the oval shapes.

EM model for parameter sweep and optimization

In the attached ADS project, the cell bandpass_EM_model defines the EM model drawn from the AEL artwork cell. This EM model can be used for parameter studies and optimization.

Variable names are the same as used in the original paper, except for “j” which has a special meaning in ADS, so that we use “jj” instead.

Momentum settings and substrate definition must be adjusted according to your accuracy needs, and you might want to include metal thickness in the substrate definition for most accurate results in the final simulations.

ADS archived project download: (181kB)