Mühlhaus RFIC Inductor Toolkit is an automated solution to find the best possible RFIC inductor layout, with EM accurate results.

For the IHP Edition of Inductor Toolkit, there are two license options:

  • Inductor Toolkit Basic supports IHP PDK shapes “ind2” and “ind3”,
    symmetric and single ended square inductors, overlay 2:1 balun and interleaved transformer design. This is licensed to IHP PDK customers, at no additional cost to the customer.
  • Inductor Toolkit Pro supports an additional full range of inductor shapes, and various options to customize layout preferences and technology details. Users of the Basic version can upgrade to the Pro version with a special discount.

Some inductor shapes available in the Pro version are shown below.
The Basic version supports the two IHP ind2/3 inductor shapes shown on the top right.

Below is the detailed feature matrix that compares Basic and Pro features.

Download data sheet

Download User’s Guide

To purchase your upgrade, please contact us at info@muehlhaus.com.