Design transmission lines in RFIC technology with ADS Controlled Impedance Line Designer

Published on 22, Jul

Using ADS Controlled Impedance Line Designer for RFIC

Faster EM simulation using AMD CPU?

Published on 24, May

EM simulation is time consuming, so we want to use the fastest available (affordable)  CPUs. This speed benchmark compares Intel Core i9-7940X (14 cores, 3.1GHz/4.3 GHz, 19MB cache, released Q3’17), 4 modules DDR4-2400 AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (16 cores, 3.4GHz/4.9 GHz, 64MB cache, released Q4’20), 4 modules DDR4-3200 Compared to the 3 year old Intel […]

ESP32 antenna simulation, single and dual antenna

Published on 20, May

Two new simulation reports describe antenna results for ESP32-WROOM-E32 single antenna module and estimate what we can expect from the new ESP32-WROOM-DA. The effect of keep out area is also investigated, for those cases where the module is placed “inside” the main board boundary. ESP32 Dual Antenna – Simulation of PCB Layout ESP32 antenna performance […]

Empire 3D EM @ RFIC: Amazing speed, amazing details

Published on 15, Jun

Showcase Empire 3D EM full wave solver for RFIC application with full details incl. dummy metal fill included. What we ignore with other solvers, because the model would be too large to simulate … with Empire we can solve the actual full model, in reasonable time. Empire XPU – High Performance 3D EM Simulation Empire […]

Empire 8 Tutorial Videos in German Language

Published on 15, Jun

Several new Empire 8 Tutorial videos are now available in German Language. Empire XPU 8: Templates Tutorials Examples Übersicht über die Templates, Examples und Tutorials, die mit Empire XPU mitgeliefert werden. Die sind auch gut geeignet als Basis eigener Modelle oder zum “Abgucken”, um sich mit Modellierungstechniken oder Einstellungen wie Randbedingungen bei bestimmten Ports vertraut […]

Published on 31, Jan

New homepage in German language dedicated to our antenna design & optimization services: Kundenspezifische Antennenoptimierung Antennensimulation Berechnung von PCB-Antennen  

Extended license period for downloads

Published on 17, Dec

Pre-installed license for the demo version of Inductor Toolkit was updated, valid until December 2020. Pre-installed license for the RFIC Inductor Modelfit download was updated, valid until December 2020.  

ADS Momentum: Understanding the emModel view

Published on 20, Nov

If you use Momentum and don’t know what the emModel view is, this appnote is for you. It will help you to use Momentum results more efficiently in circuit simulations. Momentum: Understanding the emModel view

Empire XPU: Quick Tour & Overview Video

Published on 3, Sep

This “quick tour” video gives an overview of Empire XPU for RFIC applications.

Appnote: Optimize RFIC-PCB transition using Time Domain Analysis

Published on 22, Aug

In this application note, we will use Empire XPU simulation with time domain results for pulse excitation to understand and optimize the transition from chip to PCB. This method gives detailed insight on the location of discontinuities along the signal path! Optimize RFIC-PCB transition using Time Domain Analysis