Empire XPU: Quick Tour & Overview Video

Published on 3, Sep

This “quick tour” video gives an overview of Empire XPU for RFIC applications.

Appnote: Optimize RFIC-PCB transition using Time Domain Analysis

Published on 22, Aug

In this application note, we will use Empire XPU simulation with time domain results for pulse excitation to understand and optimize the transition from chip to PCB. This method gives detailed insight on the location of discontinuities along the signal path! Optimize RFIC-PCB transition using Time Domain Analysis

Empire XPU: Choosing a computer hardware

Published on 12, Jul

This application note gives some advice on choosing a simulation hardware. Empire XPU: Choosing a computer hardware

PCB antenna design for real world environments

Published on 12, Feb

It is easy to find appnotes with PCB antenna examples, but copying an existing design to your own PCB can result in disappointing performance. In this document, we will have a look at some of these external influences, and their effect on antenna performance. PCB antenna design for real world environments

28GHz RFIC inductor performance vs. ground cutout size

Published on 9, Aug

When I published the appnote on filler and ground effect for a 60GHz balun, there were many comments and questions on the ground cutout. It seems that many designers didn’t realize the possible loss in performance from a ground cutout that is too small. That’s enough reason to adress the issue and a possible solution […]

60 GHz on-chip balun transformer

Published on 17, Jul

Two new appnotes discuss the design of a 60GHz on-achip balun with 2:1 turn ratio. Part 1 investigates the 60 GHz balun shape: Interleaved or overlay? Interleaved or overlay? Part 2 of the 60 GHz balun application note investigates effect of dummy metall placement on insertion loss. Dummy metal fill effect

Empire XPU: 3D EM simulation of 240GHz on-chip antenna

Published on 20, Apr

This application note describes on-chip antenna modelling with Empire 3D EM. Empire RFIC EM simulation: IHP SG13 on-chip antenna at 240 GHz  

Empire XPU: Workflow demo inductor modelling

Published on 20, Apr


Inductor Toolkit Generic – Evaluation Version

Published on 11, Jan

Inductor Toolkit Generic – Evaluation Version is now available. New in release 2.1: Technology customization is enabled and fully documented, for testing the use of Inductor Toolkit with other RFIC technologies. Note that this software is only licensed for testing the workflow. Any production use and product development using the evaluation license is not permitted. For […]

RFIC Inductor Model Fit now ready for ADS 2017

Published on 29, Dec

RFIC Inductor Model Fit version 1.4.0 is now available and compatible with ADS 2017. Previous versions will not start simulation automatically with ADS 2017, and give an error message “The specified window does not contain a design (no application data). A schematic, symbol or layout window is must be specified.” This issue is fixed with […]