Faster EM simulation using AMD CPU?

Published on 24, May

EM simulation is time consuming, so we want to use the fastest available (affordable)  CPUs. This speed benchmark compares Intel Core i9-7940X (14 cores, 3.1GHz/4.3 GHz, 19MB cache, released Q3’17), 4 modules DDR4-2400 AMD Ryzen 9 5950X (16 cores, 3.4GHz/4.9 GHz, 64MB cache, released Q4’20), 4 modules DDR4-3200 Compared to the 3 year old Intel […]

ESP32 antenna simulation, single and dual antenna

Published on 20, May

Two new simulation reports describe antenna results for ESP32-WROOM-E32 single antenna module and estimate what we can expect from the new ESP32-WROOM-DA. The effect of keep out area is also investigated, for those cases where the module is placed “inside” the main board boundary. ESP32 Dual Antenna – Simulation of PCB Layout ESP32 antenna performance […]