EMPIRE XCcel 6.00: New Thermal Solver

Published on 27, Jun

With its new release, the well‐known 3D EM solver EMPIRE XCcel now features a novel thermal solver for the simulation of the temperature distribution of power electronics, RF circuits, integrated circuits also including electromagnetic heating in human bodies [read more…]

3D EM Solver: Empire XCcell 6.0 released

Published on 27, Jun

IMST has now released the new version 6.00, which is even further optimized to solve huge structures, hundreds of wavelength in size. [read more …]

Sonnet 13.56: Skill Scripts for Cadence Design Flow

Published on 18, Jun

In Sonnet 13.56, some new utilities have been added to support the Cadence<>Sonnet design flow. These are implemented as Skill scripts and can be customized by the user if needed. This functionality is added by the new Skill scripts: Remove unwanted polygons from SonnetEM based on layer purpose, “Stop via” implementation as used for MIM-capacitors and resistors, Merge a meshed ground plane into a solid polygon, with cutouts for vias