German Language Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos for Empire XPU 8 (in German language)

Choosing a computer hardware

This application note gives some advice on choosing a simulation hardware.

Empire: Choosing a computer hardware

Understand and control the mesh

Understanding the simulation mesh is important for all EM tools, because it determines accuracy and simulation time. In this application note, we will discuss mesh related settings for RFIC EM simulations with Empire XPU.

Empire RFIC EM simulation: Understand and control the mesh

IHP SG13 technology template

This application note describes RFIC EM modelling with Empire XPU using a technology template. The technology template used in this example is IHP SG13S / SG13G2.

Empire RFIC EM simulation: IHP SG13 technology template

IHP SG13 on-chip antenna at 240 GHz

This application note describes on-chip antenna modelling with Empire 3D EM. The antenna design in this appnote is based on: K. Schmalz, W. Ruoyu, J. Borngräber, W. Debski, W. Winkler , and C.Meliani, “245 GHz SiGe transmitter with integrated antenna and external PLL,” in IEEE IMS, 2013, pp. 1–3.

Empire RFIC EM simulation: IHP SG13 on-chip antenna at 240 GHz

User defined output equation

This application note describes how to create customized output equations and customized result plots.

Empire EM: User defined output equation