We are in RF EDA business since 1993, and have extensive experience in EM simulation for PCB, LTCC, RFIC/MMIC

Antenna simulation

We assist you with antenna simulation for 433MHZ, 868/915MHz, RFID, WLAN, miniaturized antenna design,
antenna matching network synthesis, yield investigation etc.

EM Simulation for Circuit Designers

We assist you in the development of passive components, such as on-chip inductors optimized for a given frequency range and size, or special inductor shapes optimized for lowest possible coupling to other on-chip structures.

We assist you in RF filter synthesis (microstrip, stripline, SMD or mixed) and accurate layout simulation.

We assist you in troubleshooting parasitic coupling on chip or PCB, with 2.5D EM and 3D EM simulation tools.

EM Model support for Foundries

We assist you with EM modelling of RF passive component libraries for your PDK and ready-to-use EM simulation setups to your customers, for EM modelling of inductors, transformers, MIM, MEMS, interconnects and more.

With our extensive experience in silicion accurate EM simulation, reliable simulation stackups are built and the effect of material properties and layout tweaks can be predicted before measurements are available.

ADS customization and AEL scripting

We assist you with Agilent/Keysight ADS: EM and co-simulation workflows, design kit implementation and AEL scripting for user interface, artwork libraries and customized data displays.

PCB antenna design and simulation

We support you to design robust PCB antennas for real work environments, using the latest 3D EM solver technology.