High frequency simulation and design as a service

EM simulation service for Circuit Designers

We support you in the development of passive components, such as on-chip inductors optimized for a given frequency range and size, or special inductor shapes.

We support you in troubleshooting parasitic coupling on chip or PCB, with 2.5D EM and 3D EM simulation tools.
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Antenna simulation service

If you need to simulate an antenna with PCB and package effects, we support you! This includes antenna simulation for 433MHZ, 868/915MHz, RFID, WLAN, miniaturized antenna design, antenna matching network synthesis, yield investigation etc.

No limits on frequency for this antenna simulation, 100GHz is fine as well. Read more …

ADS customization and AEL scripting

If you need ADS workflow automation, we support you! We have extensive experience in designing EM and co-simulation workflows, as well as ADS AEL scripting for user interface, artwork libraries and customized data displays.

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PCB antenna design and simulation

If you need to design a PCB antenna, we support you! We design robust PCB antennas for real work environments, using the latest 3D EM solver technology.

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