“Faster on CPUs than others on GPUs”

On market since 1998, EMPIRE has always been the first choice for EM design of complex structures. IMST has now released the new version 6.00, which is even further optimized to solve huge structures, hundreds of wavelength in size.

New speed records:

  • Cluster solver: 11200 MCells/s on 7 Intel Core i7-3960 (up to 7 x 32 GByte)
  • Single PC solver: 5600 MCells/s on Dual Intel Xeon E2690 (up to 512 GByte)
  • Single PC solver, SSD swapping: 1800 MCells/s on Intel Core i7-3960 (up to 1 TB)

New features include:

  • Thermal solver including heat sources, RF losses, conductivity, convection, radiation
  • Poser for human body models
  • High speed simulation on Solid State Disks (SSD)
  • Additional Optimizer algorithms (Global Direct, Nelder Mead, MSLS)
  • Optimization on single value goals (e.g. beamwidth, efficiency)
  • Human body thermal effects of EM radiation
  • Postprocessing (e.g. far field transformation) on remote servers
  • Field monitors for volumes, planes, paths, probes
  • Smooth display of fields on complex surfaces
  • Parameter sweep mapping to formulas or lists
  • Arbitrary oriented (off-axis) lumped ports
  • Active impedance simulation (simultaneous excitation of unequally numbered ports)
  • Enhanced field display features, e.g. markers in animations

To use the new modules (Thermal Solver, Poser), a separate license feature is required.

For more information about Empire XCcell, see the product page.
30 day evaluation versions are available, please contact us for more details.

Application Examples

Complete HPA module for GSM and XCS

  • Simulation time: 1 min
  • Memory usage: 150 MB,
  • Size: 3 MCells
  • Dual Xeon E2690
  • DC – 5 GHz

KA Band TX waveguide aperture radiating 32 x 32 antenna array


  • Simulation time: 8 min
  • Memory usage: 3.6 GB,
  • Size: 87 MCells
  • Dual Xeon E2690
  • 29.5 GHz