EMPIRE XCcel 5.51 released


Recent benchmark results again demonstrated the unbelievable speed of EMPIRE XCcel. EMPIRE features the XPU technology which is a unique software driven workflow among CPUs – invented at IMST. As shown here, EMPIRE’s performance on a single PC is much higher than using a graphic card solution.



In addition the performance is nearly independent from the structure size. In contrast to solutions which make use of graphic card accelerators (GPU) EMPIRE XCcel allows the usage of the complete built-in memory. On a 64 bit operation system up to 192 GByte can be used today with the full simulation performance.

For even larger sizes EMPIRE XCcel’s recently developed Cluster solution is available and proven to yield perfromances which scale linearily with number of clustered PCs. The new 5.51 release is even further optimised to solve huge structures hundreds of wavelength in size.


New features include:

  • SAR compliance to standard P1528
  • Active impedance calculation
  • Tensoric Debye materials
  • User requested 2D plot enhancements
  • Far field coverage display
  • Accelerations for pre- and postprocessing
  • Improved import/export filters (gerber, dxf), export of SAT format
  • Periodic field output synchronization
*12 port Multifeed, cubic growth, including losses, PGA, observation; >400 MCells: 2xXeon 5580, 48 GB
XPU is an innovative proven software controlled workflow among CPUs – invented at IMST