Sonnet 13.54

In July 2011, Sonnet had released version 13.52.
Now, version 13.54 is available which fixes some issues reported for version 13.52.

These issues are fixed in Sonnet 13.54:

  • fixed: New schematic view for Cadence Virtuoso IC5.141 configured incorrectly
  • fixed: 64-bit Linux Analysis Engine is slower when using Conformal Mesh
  • fixed: Physical size of component is displayed incorrectly in Project Editor
  • fixed: No vias are mapped in the .matl file when importing a PDK Technology into the Cadence Interface.
  • fixed: Ideal component is difficult to select in the Project Editor
  • fixed: Cannot create a SonnetEM cell view in the Cadence Virtuoso Interface from only a section of a layout
  • fixed: Exiting Cadence Virtuoso also shuts down any running Sonnet programs launched from the Interface
  • fixed: Merge planar polygons during simplification option does not work in the Cadence, AWR and ADS interface
  • fixed: Solver Information dialog box in AWR Microwave Office Interface does not update correctly when switching tabs
  • fixed: Opening a 3D view in the Project Editor or the Response Viewer on a Redhat 6 OS crashes program