Dr. Mühlhaus Consulting & Software GmbH has now released Sonnet Verification Kit for TowerJazz SBC18H

This new Sonnet verification kit is designed for simulation of passive components such as inductors and transformers in the TowerJazz SBC18H process family including SBC18HA, SBC18HX, SBC18H2 and SBC18H3 amongst others. The definitions for the Sonnet model file of conductivity, permittivity, dielectric and conductor thicknesses are current with the TowerJazz Process Specification NPB-PS-0267 rev17.

The Sonnet files apply to all SBC18H processes with 2.81um thick Al top metal and identical interconnect stackup as SBC18HX. The S-parameter measurements and GDSII layout data for the inductors used in this work were provided by TowerJazz.

The Sonnet Verification Kit is available to TowerJazz customers from the TowerJazz eBizz website, section “Special Tools”.