Spiral Inductor Assistant for Sonnet

Spiral Inductor Assistant for Sonnet is an add-on tool for Sonnet Professional, 
which is available to our foundry partners as a part of our consulting services.

Based on a pre-defined technology template file, the user only needs to define a few parameters to get a fully functional simulation model of the inductor. The simulation model can be opened in the Sonnet Professional editor and analyzed with a few mouse clicks, to obtain key parameters like inductance, Q factor, series resistance and substrate parasitics. With the appropriate Sonnet license options, a broad band SPICE model can be extracted.

Key Features

  • Efficiently generate layouts for single ended and differential inductor geometries, ready for EM analysis
  • Single or multiple parallel layer(s) for spiral and underpass/overpass
  • Estimated inductance read-out while geometry parameters are changed
  • Read in technology information from existing Sonnet simulation models
  • Write a full, complete Sonnet simulation model for accurate EM verification of the inductor,
    ready for immediate analysis
  • Full wave EM analysis in Sonnet Professional provides accurate, calibrated S-parameters
  • Plot L, Q, series resistance, substrate resistance and capacitance from the Sonnet results
  • Extract a broad band SPICE model for Spectre and other time domain simulators for the inductor
  • Available for Windows and Linux platforms

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Free Download

Spiral Inductor Assistant for Windows  (4.5MB)
Spiral Inductor Assistant for Linux (0.6MB)

Rules for download and use of the software: the software is provided as-is, with no warranties and no technical support.