Inductor Synthesis for GPDK

With ADS Momentum, you can EM simulate an RFIC inductor if the layout already exists, but how to design the best possible layout? How to find the best inductor layout for your requirements?

Mühlhaus RFIC Inductor Toolkit for ADS does that synthesis for you, and enables you to efficiently design “optimum” inductors. You specify the required inductance value and target frequency, and the software finds the best inductor layout parameters for you. After synthesis you get the layout with EM accurate S-parameters and an equivalent acircuit model. You also get an *.scs model file for use in Cadence Spectre.

Free evaluation version, configured for GPDK180 technology

To show how efficient and convenient this workflow is, we now provide Inductor Toolkit for GPDK 180nm technology as a free evaluation version for download. This is installed as an ADS design kit (requires ADS2012 or later).

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Tutorials and documentation:
Tutorial (PDF, 1.6MB)
User Guide – Inductor Toolkit for GPDK (PDF, 2.8MB)
Link to tutorial video
Inductor Toolkit for ADS product information