EMPIRE XPU is based on the powerful FDTD method. Using unique adaptive on-the-fly code generation, it exhibits the fastest simulation engine known today.

Dr. Mühlhaus Consulting & Software GmbH is value added reseller for EMPIRE XPU and provides customized workflows, templates and automation for EM simulation of integrated circuits, modules and packages.


EMPIRE XPU applications include RFIC layouts with very complex layouts and large polygon count (e.g. complex eWLP packages or analysis of filler structure effect), electrically large structures at mm-wave frequencies (e.g. on-chip antennas with lenses and environment) and other challing designs where other EM simulation tools hit the limits for memory requirement or simulation time.

For an example of EMPIRE XPU simulation speed for RFIC applications, see our antenna application note: IHP SG13S on-chip antenna at 240GHz

Antenna design

Empire XPU is very efficient for antenna design and optimization, from PCB antennas to microwave radar systems. Existing PCB and CAD data can be imported from a wide range of file formats.

The perfect tool for mixed planar + 3D EM work

With integrated 3D and 2D editors, EMPIRE XPU supports efficient modelling of mixed planar + 3D designs. Objects are grouped by logical layers that can provide material properties as well as z-position, thickness, geometry priority and other properties. Using predefined templates for your technology, this enables very fast and efficient modelling.

Efficient modelling, high simulation speed and accuracy make EMPIRE XPU an ideal choice for RFIC and package application.

Existing Ansys HFSS simulation models can be imported into EMPIRE XPU, keeping geometries and materials.

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