ADS: Sweep over many S-Parameter files: look up table or sprintf()?

Published on 21, Jun

In this application note, we look at two methods of sweeping over a list of S-parameter files: using a look up table and using sprintf() string function to build filenames. Sweep over many S-Parameter files: look up table or sprintf()?

Inductor Synthesis for III-V Technologies

Published on 2, Jun

Inspired by our popular RFIC Inductor Toolkit for Silicon technologies, several ADS users have been asking for an MMIC version that addresses III-V technologies. This new MMIC Inductor Toolkit is ready for release now, with special early bird discounts: Inductor Synthesis for III-V Technologies

ADS: Using Equations and User Defined Functions in ADS

Published on 5, Apr

In this appnote, we will look at different ways of using equations in ADS: simple equations “on the fly” in the ADS data display and user defined functions that you can use in data display or optimization for target definitions. We will also discuss the re-use of custom equations/functions. All these concepts are shown with […]

ADS: Miniaturized Bandpass Filter (AEL layout example)

Published on 30, Mar

In this application note, AEL programming is applied to create a fully scalable layout of to the miniaturized band pass filter by Sheng Zhang et al, published in Microwave Journal March 2017 Miniaturized Bandpass Filter Using Quarter SIW Resonator With Elliptic Defected Structure This fully parametric layout cell can then be used in ADS for […]

ADS Momentum: SMD Port Calibration

Published on 13, Mar

This application note is a simplified version of an earlier global-ground-or-differential-ground appnote, with a special focus on SMD port calibration in ADS Momentum, and how to use it properly. ADS Momentum: SMD Port Calibration

Inductor Toolkit: GPDK demo now compatible with ADS 2016

Published on 2, Jan

The Inductor Toolkit GPDK demo was updated for compatibility with ADS 2016 HF1

ADS: Create customized artwork cells using AEL code

Published on 30, Nov

In this application note, we will look at the basics of AEL programming for customized layout (“artwork”) and how to include that in your ADS project.  ADS: Create customized artwork cells using AEL code

ADS: Using layout parameters in Momentum EM simulations

Published on 13, Nov

In this application note, we will look at two different ways of using layout parameters for Momentum EM simulations: Use built-in parameters in layout created from standard circuit elements (microstrip line etc.) Parameterize manually drawn layout from rectangles/polygons We will discuss the use EM results of parameterized blocks in a schematic, with emSetup/emModel views. A […]

Inductor Toolkit now compatible with ADS2015.01

Published on 30, Jan

Muehlhaus Inductor Toolkit for ADS assists you to synthesize the best possible RFIC inductor layout. The software has now been updated to support ADS2015.01. The free version for GPDK180 technology (fully functional until 30 June 2015) can be found here: Free Demo: RFIC Inductor Synthesis for GPDK180

Microwave Office: PCB antenna simulation 868MHz

Published on 23, Jan

In part one of this application note we had discussed basic design concepts and simulation methods for “printed” PCB antennas. Now in this second part, we will discuss advanced topics: Co-simulation of antenna and SMD matching components for electrically small antennas Using the Analyst 3D FEM solver to include the effect of finite PCB size, […]