RF software and consulting since 1993

Mühlhaus Hochfrequenztechnik engineering consultants was founded in 1993 by Dr.-Ing Volker Mühlhaus. Using the latest software-aided RF design methods, we developed RF and microwave circuits and components in the frequency range up to 24GHz. Back in those days, data exchange between RF simulation software and layout tools was tedious and error prone manual work, so we developed some software tools to simplify that task. Our S2A layout for Ansoft Serenade with export options to many popular PCB systems was a huge success, sold as an OEM product through Ansoft world wide. Other OEM products such as Extended DXF and GDSII import option for the CST EM simulators followed.

Now that we had created efficient links from schematic entry and simulation to layout, we took the next step and developed solutions to take these layouts to field simulators, for accurate EM analysis without underlying circuit models. In 1998, we where appointed as a reseller for EM software vendor Sonnet Software Inc.
In 2000, Dr. Mühlhaus Consulting & Software GmbH was founded, taking over the software reseller and consulting business with end users, while Mühlhaus Hochfrequenztechnik concentrates on the OEM software licensed to other EDA vendors.


Effective 31. Dec 2012, we have terminated our reseller agreements with Sonnet Software Inc. and IMST GmbH, and switched to a new business model which is entirely focused on RF EDA consulting services. […more]